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Our mission is to create a safe space to explore intimacy, promote sexual wellness and education, and empower ALL to indulge in self-love and pleasure.

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Beyond The Shade has an exclusive line of products. Our customer’s safety is our number one priority.

We are committed to selling top-of-the-line product designs and using the safest materials in the market. All of our toys of premium-grade hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non-porous silicone, glass, or wood. They’re all phthalate-free.

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HOST A PARTY (18+ Only!)

The Beyond The Shade Pleasure Party is an excellent mix between sexual health information and lots of fun. Your expert is trained to make sure your experience is fun and most of all safe. 

A Beyond The Shade party gives everyone the chance to let their hair down, laugh, and learn in a safe space. Here we will show you the latest and safest products, as well as lingerie lubricants and bomb ass sex toys! Each party guest will have the opportunity to ask questions and order in a secure and private space. 

Meet Your Expert Lyric Anderson

Lyric Anderson is a Louisville, Kentucky native that started her career in sexual awareness and exploration at 20 years old. Lyric started her career as an exotic dancer working for 4 years in the industry in two different states. 

Once out of exotic dancing Lyric started to become a very accomplished professional make-up artist. Growing her career and helping women love themselves from the inside out. Lyric fell in love with the ability to make women feel worthy, beautiful, and sexy in their own right. 

After 10 years of working with women in the make-up industry, Lyric started her spiritual journey, found her self-confidence, her fluidity, and her earthly alignment. In doing so she realized that one of her happiest moments was when she was free. Free to explore sexuality, free to be herself, and the goddess she always knew she could be.