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About Lyric

Lyric Anderson is a Louisville Kentucky native that started her career in sexual awareness and exploration at 20 years old. Lyric started her career as an exotic dancer working for 4 years in the industry in two different states. 

She struggled with self-love, sexual education, and self-worth in her the earlier part of her career. Lyric experienced many different types of relationships with many different types of people. Some taboo, some healthy, And some were simply a learning experience. 

Once out of exotic dancing Lyric started to become a very accomplished professional make-up artist. Growing her career and helping women love themselves from the inside out. Lyric fell in love with the ability to make women feel worthy Beautiful and sexy in their own right. 

At 34 after 10 years of servicing women in the make-up industry, Lyric started her spiritual journey and finding her self-confidence her fluidity, and her earthly alignment. In doing so she realized that one of her happiest moments was when she was free. Free to explore sexuality, free to be herself, and the goddess she always knew she could be. 

At this time Lyric mentored a young girl about 20 years old who had no idea about her body or about sex education. She had no idea what was safe for her, how to properly care for herself, as well as having healthy lasting relationships. This sparked something in Lyric that she couldn’t explain. How many other people in the world were suffering from the same problem? How can we change this? 

In 2020 Lyric decided to enroll in school to become a sex and relationship coach. She realized that she valued sexual education And wellness and wanted to share that with the world. In mid-2020 she started Beyond The Shade, A sexual wellness retailer That caters to that sexual exploration in the most healthy way possible. 

She wanted to create a space of love to cater to all people regardless of gender, sexuality, age, disability, or race. She thrives on building Healthy and long-lasting relationships through her work as a future sex and relationship coach. She started a podcast to educate and uplift and empower people through sexual awareness and fun topics to create meaningful discussions. 

Lyric is the expert in sexual health wellness and pleasure. This is her life‘s passion and her goal is to become the authority in sexual wellness and exploration. She is committed to providing above-average customer service, care, and knowledge to all she encounters on this journey. Leading with love, integrity, and a hell of a lot of fun! 


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